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Hologram Monster is alive!

Startup Program, New Office and Project Longtail Pre-Production

A lot has been cooking and it’s been a while since the last update. There is an exciting reason for this! You may remember Hologram Monster as a freelance character artist but now there has been a major shift in the direction. Hologram Monster has turned from a one man content creator into a three headed Hologram Monster! During the December of 2016 gears were set in motion as Hologram Monster attended the Startup Program @ New Factory, Tampere.

From there on out our, then 2 man team, started the pre-production of a game project called Longtail. The idea of Longtail had already been brewing for quite a long time, but now it was time to put those ideas into action. During the startup program we met interesting new startups and well-informed mentors who helped us on our road to here.

After our time @ New Factory we rented our first small office space from the Finlayson area, surrounded by other small startups. During this time we were preparing our pre-production prototype of Longtail. With this prototype we applied for Tekes, Tempo funding meant for accelerating the early-stage growth of startups. In July of 2017 we got our Tekes funding approved.

This was brilliant news for us and during July we also moved into a bit bigger office that allowed us to expand our team size. Now as a team of 3 and a with the help of a couple freelancers we go onwards with our journey.

The office is located above the 6th floor and there is no elevator in the building. Mornings start with a healthy dose of exercise!


Project Longtail!

From an Idea into Action

Two years ago there was a serious lack of new 3D platformer games and an urge to make one grew strong. The idea of Longtail formed from there. That idea has now been transformed into a 3D adventure platformer game currently known as Project Longtail! As said earlier, Project Longtail has been in pre-production, and now we are finally moving into the full production phase! The game is aimed for consoles and PC.

We can’t share much information about the game just yet but here are some of the concepts that have been done so far!

Character Concepts - Project Longtail

Character Concepts - Project Longtail

Character Concepts - Project Longtail

Enemy Concepts - Project Longtail

Swarmer - Project Longtail


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